B&W 805's VS Quad 12L speakers


Which would be the better bookshelf speaker?

I know the Quads are cheeper, these would be put about one foot from the back wall on stands. Used with a sub too.

My amp is an Accuphase P-300 and C-200 combo, which puts out huge clean power, and will make any woofer bark to it fullest.

Are the Quads in the same league as the 805's

I have not heard either.

Thanks for any comments.
You'll get different sound from these tweeters. The B&W will be punchier with more bass response, and the Quad will be faster with more transparency.

Pick your poison
There is a pair of 805 signatures with Grey/Black tiger striping for sale here on Audiogon. They are $3000 including stands. I would grab these in a heartbeat if I were looking into 805s.

Just a thought
I've actually done a side-by-side "shootout" with both of these speakers in the same room / system. While the N805s (orignal N805 speakers - not S, D, or Signature) are definately a more articulate (amd IMHO a better) speaker than the 12L, for the money the 12L is a good value. You'd really need to hear them side-by-side to judge if the increase in performance is worth the increase in cost.

Personally, if I were to take everything into consideration (looks, ability to hold the resale value, performance, etc.) I'd go with the 805's. If I was trying to save a buck, I'd go with the 12L's and never look back.