B&W 805 matrix question

How do the 805 Matrix compare to the newer B&W offerings?

I had some 602 series 3's, and I liked them,they were really clear sounding but lacked dynamics to some degree.

Would the 805 Matrix speakers better the newer 602s3's?

I don't believe newer is better all the time.

With that said, the newer ones (805's) could be infact better.

I bought some old B&W2a that are from 1975 and they are super,really something special.

Thanks for any comments!
All of the 805s are good, I have some earlier than the Matrix. I have found that an older speaker from a higher price range usually beats a newer cheaper one. I would get the 805s.
I have the Matrix 802 s3 and I like them better than the 802 nautilus although the diamonds soundgreat
805 matrix is a legend.
Any recommendations as to what kind of solid state or tube amp would match well with the 805 Matrix bookshelf speakers?
I'm using my 805 Matrix with AVA solid state amplification and the sound is superb. Very natural and neutral.
Wow Audio by Van Alstine. Really nice. Thanks for the sharing. I'm hoping the Kavent amp I plan to use with the Matrix 805 speakers will be enough to make them sing.