B&W 805 Diamonds

Just wanted thoughts and imput on these speakers.Maybe what has worked well with 805's and maybe what didn't?I really have enjoyed mine over the last year or so!I do believe these speakers can be really special,as said in Absolute Sound!I think I can live with 805's with a good sub and be happy for a long time!
Ive experienced them several times and compared them to similar and lower speakers - they sound great and coherent.  Pair it with a warm amp or preamp and you're golden.  Add a sub, and you could just very well be close to being done. 

Good speaker at a fair price point.  
I bought a pair of used 805 D3 with the stand for a little over $4K, and they sound so much better than my previous speakers (Magnepan mini). I am driving them with a Peachtree Nova 150 (class D) and I have a small REL T5 to fill in the bass.

Sometimes I find the high frequencies to be too pronounced. Maybe a "warmer" tube amp would be a better match.
D3's have to be awesome!Im using xpa 1mono amps with 805d2's and a Goldenear xxl sub.I thought xpa 1's with the B&W s would be a bad match but I'm happy with the sound,I had the amps already.The Goldenear xxl blends great with my speakers.I wouldn't have picked the xxl myself but it was recommended by a local dealer and now I like it a lot!
XPA seems a good match for the 805. The guy I bought the D3 from swore that they are so much better than the D2 (he seemed an expert on B&W judging from the fact he had at least three 800-series sets in his house). I never compared them.
I have always enjoyed this speaker as a monitor. Pair it with a REL sub and you are set.  I owned the 805 pre-diamond series. Still, a very musical monitor.
I used Rotel separates and Transparent MM2 IC and SP cabling.

Happy Listening!