B&W 804s vs Usher Dance Mini-One

Hello Forum,

I currently own a like new pair of B&W 804s speakers. I am considering selling these speakers (approx 3k) and purchasing the Usher Dancer Mini-One or BE718. I think I can get the Ushers (used on Audiogon) plus an integrated amp (used around $1500) with HT bypass. I know I'll have to add some cash to get both. I've heard the Ushers and really enjoyed the sound, but I don't want to have any regrets on selling the B&W. The speakers would live in a small (11x12) room with only about 5ft. from the listening chair.

Anybody have opinions. For the Integrated amp, I'm considering Vincent, Creek, Bel Canto.

I am astounded at the knowledge on this forum and would really appreciate any feedback.
I think the Usher is a nice step up, but you can take that with a grain of salt if you want as I am an Usher dealer. Both the Mini Dancer One and the BE-718 will push the limits of that room, but it can work. I've used both in my room which is 11.5X14, and they can definitely overload the room at times on material with heavier bass. Also being a Bel Canto dealer, I do know that the S300iu integrated will drive both these speakers, but it is a minimum. I wouldn't consider any less power than the Bel Canto. The speakers do enjoy a lot of power thrown at them.
Thanks for your response. I've heard both and according to the specs, there is only a 4hz difference in the bottom end. I'd like to "future proof' the purchase a little, as we may move to a larger house in the future. I may go with the BE718 to save money, although the stands are a little pricey. Any other suggestions for monitors/stands or smaller floorstanders in that range?
Personally for your size room I would go with the Ushers. You can always add a sub if more bass is needed. As far as stands I have some VTI stands that I bought for about $100. They can be filled with sand or shot. For the money they are nice. So whatever height Usher recommends for that speaker is what I would go with. You want the tweeter approx the same height as your ears in your listening position.
More value in Usher per dolar as well.if your room could use them 803 would be different story but I'd agree Usher.Vincent for touch o' tubes.Don't cheap out on strands or at least look for mass,rigidity,and decoupling.I like Sound Anchors even for floor standers like 800 series B&W (sold them between '96-2001 and Bobs bases for 804.803 were great add on if you had wood floors).
The best I have heard the little Ushers 718s was in a small room with a Pass Labs XA30.5 power amp and an XP10 pre-amp. They also sounded very good with a Krell KAV400XI. Infact I like the 400XI better than the new Krell S300I. For $1400 to $1700 you can buy a very clean good condition KAV400xi here agon. Be sure to get the Danny Richie upgraded cross overs for the little ushers, it is huge. The Pass stuff sounded excellent with the 718s but that is above budget. If you could find a good deal on a Pass Labs INT 30. that is basically the the XP10 and XA30.5 in one chassis.
You said you'd like to "futureproof" a bit, so between the BE-718 and the Mini Dancer One, I'd definitely go with the MD1. It does extend a little bit deeper and is more room filling, but more importantly, it sounds better than the BE-718, IMHO. Plus, by the time you add a high quality stand to the BE-718, the price difference isn't that big. Plus, if it helps, the MD1 will take up a smaller footprint than the BE-718 on a sizeable stand and actually looks less imposing than a BE-718 on a stand. Don't get me wrong, I like the BE-718, but the MD1 is definitely worth the extra money if it was my choice and the budget allowed.
Thanks to all for the responses.Jaybo - why do you think it's a sideways move? I was hoping to sell the 804s for more than the Mini Ones and put some of the extra cash into an integrated amp.
I would keep the B&Ws and save up for a big speaker upgrade. The Ushers will be different but not worth all the trouble IMO.

You can get used Sophias for $6000, I have seen used dynaudio C2 go for as cheap as $5200....

Then there are the big hitters for price for performance PSB,Thiel,Gallo,Magnepan... maybe usher too. The list goes on and on
As others have mentioned, don't cheap out on the stands. The Ushers need substantial stands, they are heavy. I was lucky and found a used pair of Sound Anchors for mine.

I use a Marantz Pearl integrated/CDP and extremely satisfied.

I'm not sure your switch is worth all the effort, but that's part of the journey...