B&W 804Di vs 803D plus center option

Looking at possibly a used pair of 803D and an HTM2D. I'm choosing the larger center as I do more movies that music. That said, for not a lot more, I could go with the new 804 Diamonds and an HTM4 Diamond for the center. Which setup would be better for 90% TV/Movies and 10% music?
I have the current 804 Diamond model, but I only use it for music. The tweeter in the current Diamond models is presumably better than the tweeter in the older D model. On the other hand, reproduction of base is presumably better in an 803 than in an 804 since the 803 has an additional woofer. I am thinking that for movies, the reproduction of low frequencies is more important than the reproduction of high frequencies; therefore, I think I'd be inclined to go with the used D models given that you "do more movies than music."