B&W 804D vrs Focal Chorus 826

I am now in search of new speakers for my 2 ch system. I have been recently been upgrading everything and the speakers are the last step. I currently have ARC CD3 MKII, ARC LS26, ARC VT100MKII. And my old Martin Logan Aeon with a JL F110 sub, all Transparent balanced IC's (Ultra). I tried Vandersteen 3A sigs but they did not work well in my room. (15x25x9) I have heard at dealers both the B&W804 and the Focal, liked both. Anyone with long term experience with both that can compare? The Focal are less that half the price of the B&W and have essentially the same size components. 2x6" woofers, 1x6" mid and tweeter.
And similar specs. Any thought as to which will work best with my gear and be a long term speaker to live? Thank you
You may want to hold off a bit if you are seriously considering the Focal's. I spoke to a store last week about the Chorus series and they said Focal is coming out with a new line in this general price range. They are said to be more focused on the Audiophile customer and should be released by the end of 2011.
Interesting, does this mean that the Focals are not considered "audiophile" and if so, why?
Based on what the sales person told me the "Chorus" line was designed to appeal to a broader customer base so you can read into this quote whatever you think that means. They went on to say in their opinion they were not as musical as they could have been thus loosing some of their "Audiophile" customer base. I cannot however speak from actual experience since I have never owned these speakers. If you like the sound of the current "Chorus " line you may find the new offering even more pleasing is all I wanted to say. Good luck with your project.