B&W 804 Matrix or Legacy Classics ? ? ?

Would appreciate opinions from those that have heard one or preferrably both speakers and can make recommendations. Both items are used and priced similar. Will use for front mains of front-projection system. Will add matching center once mains are decided. Thanks in advance.
b&w 804's for sure.
If i was doing strictly a 2 channel system for music, i would probably give the nod to the B & W's. For a system based on HT, the Legacy's walk away with it. I base this primarily on their measurably greater low frequency output, their ability to do extended bass at a much higher output level than what the B & W could do and that the Legacy sound is basically far more dynamic and punchier than the B & W's. They will typically require less power to do the job and always come across as being more exciting with greater impact when it comes to movie reproduction. Even moreso than some other components though, speakers are a very personal decision and one that should be based on experience and not hear-say as to what someone else thinks. I will say that the Legacy's would probably be a little bit more finicky about the electronics and cabling though, as they could tend to come across as bright and edgy if not mated properly. Good hunting... Sean >
Hello! I have owned both speakers, and will tell you that for HT use, the Legacy would be the better choice. Their efficiency and more powerful bass output would be much better suited for HT. The B&W is a fine speaker for strictly musical purposes.
I heard the Classic at Springfield, IL showroom (i.e., the factory) at was totally impressed at the neutral, straight ahead sound. Haven't heard the B&W but sure it's great also.