B&W 804 diamond or previous 803D?

Could you please help me in choosing the better option? I can buy either of these two speakers but new 804 diamond cost by €1.150 more than second-hand 803D. What would be your advice?
Hi Paul,

I appriciate your detailed answer. Today I bought 803D. This is upgrade for me so I am going to keep them for a long time. Very impressed with sound even with my current amplifier, so difficult to stop listening to them. But anyway I would like to upgrade my amplifier to use their whole potential. I am going to open a new topic for that. Hopefully see you and all others again there!
Dear All, based on all your responses, today I bought 803D. Thank you very much for making me this decision, since I really happy to get such divine sound improvement! Now I am going to ask you again about my next amplifier upgrade. I will do in another topic not to confuse you. Hope to see you all again there!
There is some misunderstanding about what 804's can do - regardless of the vintage, they are small speakers that don't move the kind of air that 803's do. Put another way, the 803's are borderline full-range speakers, while the 804's are not - they're really not comparable.
Hi Papalam,

I have just reread this thread and realized that I made an error, i.e. instead of 804 diamond I read 803 diamond. My previous post was about 803 diamond vs. 803 D. Sorry for the lengthy and useless "advise". :)

Buying the 803 D was a good decision!
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