[email protected] 804 d3

Hi,Im curious how good theses speakers are,if you own a pair.Thanks in advance.
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I owned the 804 D2's.  While they were a great speaker, the newer D3 version is a noticeable step up. I looked at purchasing the newer model but decided to jump up to the 803 D3.

As with all speakers, your perspective on this model will vary significantly with other people.  If you have a chance, go listen to them!

Thanks,ithe local dealer says they will be here in march.With the weak australian dollar,the price has blown out some what,36 k for 802.Im not sure whether to run with the 804,just for now 13.5 k.The 803 is 23.5 k,i think.8.5 for the 805
Wait a bit till the US dollar collapses misternice, won't be that long-you will get a buy one-get on free deal for aussie bucks .
What's really strange is that the speakers are cheaper in Canada given the current US - Canadian exchange rates. 

Im just guessing,thats the reason behind the higher prices.The australian and canadian dollar are one for one.Maybe its a gst thing.We do seem to get extra charges down under.