B&W 803S vs Triangle Cello SW2


Does anybody compared these speakers?
I heard both but not in direct comparison.

P.S : sorry for my bad English. I'm French and, as you know, French people don't know how to speak English (but Japanese are worse than us ;o) )
Very different sound.You should find them and even at different stores take a listen.ZThink 803 will have more weight and authority Triangle is faster and mayube a bit more pitch accurate.Neither of them go deep enough to play Qrgan fndumentals but will with a good fast servo sub would be verything you needed.But both will p;lay within 2 or 3 db of the low note on an elctraic bass so don't NEED a sub.The Triangle will not need near the power the b&W will-the 803 might be 90db sensitive but goes very low io impedance dips so you need 200 better 300 watts.You should go take a listen.Why not Cabasse or JM Labs from France?Make great speakers in your country as well.
Thanks for your answer Chazz. I totally agree when you say that triangle is faster and B&W have more weight and authority. Maybe 803S needs bigger room than Triangle, don't you think? Triangle's midrange is beautifull. I think Cello needs big power amp to give their best. First time I heard Cello, it was with Neodio amp and Droplet 5.0 CD player. I think Neodio amp is not enough powerfull to drive correctly Cello speakers. Second time, it was with Harman/Kardon Signature 1.5 and Primare CD31 and It was really better than the first time. With which electronics did you heard this two pairs of speakers?

Yesterday I heard Triangle Magellan Quator SW2 with Mc Intosh amp and preamp and Audio Aero Prima CD player. Really great speakers ! Voices are beautiful, bass are really fast and good. The music is alive with these speakers. For Chazz, I don't like JM LAB. I heard 1027 Be and I was really disappointed. I also heard Cabasse Altura Bahia : good speakers but I prefer Triangle's sound.
Tiens tiens, un autre francais dans les parages! :) McIntoshes are an excellent choice for Triangle speakers. They compliment each other perfectly.

How many different systems did you hear the 1027 in? If you only heard them once, you cannot say they aren't good. It is very easy to make a speaker sound bad and many dealers are quite good at that. I try not to judge a speaker unless I have it in my own music room.

Yes I'm French but my English is not so good than yours. I try to do my best :-/ .

I don't say that 1027Be are not good I just say I don't like them. I heard them with Vincent and Harman Kardon Signature electronics. I also heard Alto Utopia Be with Lavardin IT (I like this amp) but association was not good. For me, JM lABS speakers lack something...But I have to hear them again with various electronics to be sure of my opinion.

I don't know how it works in US or UK but in France it's very difficult to test speakers at home before to buy them.

Do you live in US Arthur?

I compared both speakers the last w.e and I chose Triangle Cello SW2. I love them :o). I'm faithful with Triangle after Zephyr XS, Zerius 202 and Celius 202.