B&W 803s vs Focal 1027Be

Any clear winner here between the current B&W 803S and the Focal 1027Be? The Focal costs $2,000-more and sounds smoother/sweeter with a bit more extension and air on top. The B&W has a deeper sound with more weight and a bigger presentation. Both Speakers have trade-offs-neither is perfect. I don't want bigger, more expensive and difficult to drive Speakers, so I've narrowed it down to these 2, unfortunately, they're at 2 different Dealers and therefor cannot be audition side-by-side. I know that the 803D will smoke both of these, but it's quite a bit larger and for whatever reason-no deals are to be had on this model.
Any opinions?
If you are looking for votes - mine goes to the 1027Be.
Have you made a decision? I've been considering the 803S; I'm listening to CDM 9NTs and was wondering how much "better" the 803S is? I like the 803D but can't swing the $$ right now. Also considering the 802N. Thoughts?
If your room is smaller then 18ft x 12ft and you like the volume up then you might find the 803's producing a plodding bass without much slam. The 803 need a large room, the bigger the room, the better they will sound. For smaller rooms the 1027be is a more enjoyable experience.
803s by a landslide
803's present an impressive full stage presence -- no matter what you listen to, you are in the studio with your performer of choice. Hands down 803s

with respect to the CDM9NT I upgraded from the CDM9NT to the N803. This was a huge step for me and well worth it. The 803S is a superior speaker to the N803. One of the first things I noticed was better bass extension from the 803S vs the N803.
S series B&W is also incredibly smooth in comparison to it's Nautilus predecessor.
I am biased. The 803S are very formidable speakers.
don't be too sure that 803D is better speaker than 1027 be.
can the 1027be be biamped
no only one set of terminals:)
Sevys brings up an excellent point - these speakers aren't designed for the same room. The 1027 will need a smaller room than the 803S. I would say the 1027 should not be put in a room larger than 250 sq.ft. if you want to have even tonality. The 803S will support a much larger space.

I used to own the 803d and htm2d, the focal blows them away!
I haven't really been impressed with the B&W 803S though they did appear to have good mid-bass stereo separation. I did however find them boxy, colored and unresolved but that may have been in the design with a purpose. They seemed to cover all the detail up. Just my experience.
Between the two speakers, the B&W 803S is not only superior, but way better bang-for-the-buck, something not often said about B&W. For $1,500 more than the Focals, like you mentioned, you can get the 803D even, which will eat the Focals for high tea and still be hungry for a prime rib dinner. For your needs and price-range, the 803S is probably the best bet.
I have heard to Focals and B&W and its very much to preferences as well as thr driving components. The Focal will have and extended top end but with some amps (some Bryston models) may be a bit much.

B&W has been always a bit more foward so Classe and Mark Levinson electronics usually partner well. Synergy will be very important as well as your musical tastes and recording quality.
Listen to Pink Floyd The Wall disc 1 on the Focals at loud volumes and you will soon hear the loudspeakers shortcomings, then try it on the BWs