B&W 803N versus Revel Gems Which is Better


I am have a hard time deciding on what pair of speakers
to buy. My two choices are B&W 803N or Revel Gems with
stands. I need some feedback from fellow audiogon members
who have used these speakers..

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How large is the room and what amplification are you using?
I have a friend (an Audiogoner) who switched from 802's (I think) to Gems and thought they were better..... he moved, but I'll see if he's still around and can give you specifics.
It depends on your answer to Blackie's question.
I am using a Mark Levinson 331 with 38s preamp...

thanks for the help...
The Gems might have a better synergy with your Levinson gear than the N803s. I think the N803s are great speakers but have never been a fan of the Levinson/B&W combo.