B&W 803D's or Focal 1038BE's

I have B&W 804D's & want to go to the next level.I hope to demo the 803's vs the 1038's next week has anybody done it already?

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I demoed the 803d (older model now) and the focal 1037be (again older model). 

They sounds pretty different and you and you will have a clear choice. The focals have more natural mid and it is more detailed at low volume. They seemed a hair lean in the bass for my tastes (I run two subs with all systems these days,digital highpass...). 

The b&ws are more colored but more fun to listen to modern popular music IMO. The focal integrate better and are more neutral. All in all very good but a little bland, kind of like the revel studio 2 with a more lively tweeter. 

Between the 803d and 1037be I would chose the focal every time but I like the thiel 3.7 better than both of these speakers at the time of demo. 

About a month later I got the Wilson Sophia 3, thiel 3.7, and b&w 802 diamond in the same room same equipment. All were good but I liked the Sophia better than the thiel and 802 better than the Wilson to MUCH surprise. 

Anyway. My point it listen and see. The 803d is not on the same level as the 802d. Mids are odd and bass is a little boxy too me. I would look for used Wilson Sophia's honesty as they come up used all the time. I have had too may iffy demos of the 802d and 803d to recommend them but when setup right they are very good. I just always find the b&w line to fatigue my ears quicker than most brands so I have not owned a pair in a long time. 

For or me I value the bass of the Wilsons more than the advantage of the Mids and highs of the focals. It will come down to what type of music you listen to and what part of the sound you value most.