B&W 803D or 804D with ML 335

Folks, I am thinking to upgrade my current speakers to B&W 803D or 804D. Can my current amplifier drive them? Is it worth extra $2500 to buy 803D? pls help suggest.

- Source: Mark Levinson 390S
- Power: Mark Levinson 335

room size 5m x 7m
Your ML 335 should have no problem driving either speaker. As to which speaker to get, if you can afford the 803D's I would suggest that you go for it.
I have made several mistakes in this hobby over the past 45 years, buying something less than what I wanted, and I do regret it.
My last uprede I did at the beginning of the year, I told myself to just go with it. Could not be more happy with my choice. Expensive, yes, but happy I did it.
Joe Nies
I concur with Joe, the 335 should have no trouble driving them. For speakers, are you talking the brand new series, such as the 803 Diamonds or the previous 803D?
The 804 does not have enough bass for my tastes. Are you buying new? If you are you should add a used pair of 802D to your list.
Thanks guys for your reply. If I buy 803D/804D, I will go for the new pair.
Mentioning about 802D, I am afraid that it will not end there. If used 802D comes around, should I give it a try? ML335, shouldn't be powerful enough for 802D, right?
Listen to all speakers in your price range. To limit yourself to B&W's is to do yourself an injustice. You may very well be looking to do it again in the near future with a B&W product.
Absolutely agree with Stringreen on this one.
B&W's naming leaves a lot of confusion. The new line are not called D's, such as, 803D's, rather they are Diamonds; the previous versions are D's.

I caution about jumping to the 802's (D's or Diamonds) unless you have a lot of room or you will be disappointed.
I think it depends on your room. The 804Ds are wonderful and have a compact footprint relative to the 803D and 802D, but do not have the same competence in the bass or sheer presence. Having said that, I own them and do not find them lacking in that regard (think tight, focussed bass). For my 20 x 35 room I am more than happy and would find their bigger brothers intrusive. Beware entrenched anti-B&W sentiment around here and certain other forums - they're not nearly esoteric/boutique enough for many audiophiles' tastes!
The ML335 is enough for *any* speaker that requires only two channels of amplification. Period. In fact, unless you have it on a 220-240v power line you're not supplying enough amps to get it to full rated power at 4 ohms, no less lower impedance.

If you insist on sticking to B&W speakers, IMO the 803D is far better for music than the 804D. The 804D can't really do 40Hz at loud volumes; the 803D gets a lot closer.
My 335 is 230V. I was thinking about B&W and Audio Physic; however, I have limited access to the latter one. Thus, I pointed out 803 Diamond and 804Diamond. A friend also recommended speakers with scanspeak drivers (Xavian 360), I have to try first.