B&w 803D-latest version vs Dynaudio focus 380

Looking for peoples thoughts on these 2 speakers that Ive been debating purchasing for quite some time now. Electronics I would be using is a mcintosh ma7000 and an oppo bdp 105.
I have not heard the Dynaudios but considered the 803d (not di) and in head to head demos thought there were a number of better speakers. I find the mids colored and while the bass is strong it lacks texture, the highs are real nice though. At the time I demoed the Focal 1037be, Paradigm S8, thiel 3.7, b&w 802d/803d. Martin Logan spires, magnepan 3.6r and klipsch palladium line.

... Honestly the 803ds were pretty low on the list after the demos with the 3.7 being the best of the group. I got a killer deal in a pair of Thiel 2.4s and never looked back.. Well maybe at 3.7s from time to time.
Nice! James63 -

I,too, love those 2.4 speakers.To date, they are the richest-sounding speakers I have auditioned.
Nice! Good to know. What would be your 2nd and 3rd choice out of focal, klipsch or paradigm?
You should demo for yourself to get a base line if nothing else.

I would buy used off of this site. There are really good deals to be had on Thiels, Revel, Ushers, Dynaudios, KEF, etc. there is a pair of Dynaudio C4s for $8400! Cheaper than a new pair of 803di and I am sure much better. You could also get a pair of wilson Sophia 2 for around $8,000.

The focal 1037be was better to my ear than the paradigm S8 (same room $25,000 Krell front end). Bass seemed weak on the 1037be and loose at the same time for the $11,000 price so I passed. The mids on the S8 seemed dull after hearing the 1037be 2 minutes before.

I did not like the klipsch, mids, highs and bass did not seem integrated too me. The magnepans (same dealer as klipsch) were much more tempting but the lack of build quality turned me off.
Did not heard 803s but i own focus 380...exeptional speaker for its price...only true step up for me would be c4s...this speaker does all kind of music magnificent its just matter of production...it gives you honestnon colored presentation but to hear its potential you need high quality amp, source and cables...so i dont know how your mac fits in....you have to try it...if i was you i would pass on bowers...got nothing against bowers...they are good...but to me dyns are best...and i heard lot of speakers, monitors and standers....cheap and expensive...noticed that alot manufacturers does certan things great but for me dyns does the allover sound BEST...