B&W 803d and Luxman L-505ux

I was in the market for Focal 1038be's and ended up auditioning some B&W 803d's and 802d's. I liked the 803d better than the 802d (more "musical" to me) and am leaning toward them. However it seems that the 803d's are power hungry and I am ignorant enough to not know if my Luxman will power them well enough but not so ignorant to not ask the question.

Any idea if this will be a good (or great) match or should I keep looking for Focals'??
Don't sell yourself short... there is no foolproof method in amp/speaker synergy! IMO the 803D is probably the best $$$/performance B&W model, although I have not heard the CM10. The Luxman 505ux IMO would fall short in power/current and resolution with the 803D. A great bargain amp to try would be a Proceed HPA-2. $1500 should be enough to find one in top condition. Even when mated with a very modest preamp this combo would easily better the entry level Luxman.
I used to own the 803d's a few years ago and liked them a lot. I thought they sounded good with my Pioneer M91, 200 watts per channel, better with my McIntosh MC352, still better with two MC352's biamped and best with 2 MC601 monos. I found for me these speakers love a lot of power, it really brings out the sound in the speakers especially the base.
A buddy owns the 803d's and i let him borrow my rotel rb-1091's 500 watt class d's and wow. I offered him a good price but he was a little short given the $10k check he wrote for the 803d's so he's powering them with an older (2000-2004) model marantz receiver and surprisingly enough its not bad. You cant get them very loud but at low volume the clarity is impressive. I agree with the previous poster that they are power hungry and the more you give them the more they will give you. Enjoy!
The 803D and 802D are out of my budget. I could live with either happily. The 803D are more full in your face sound and the 802Ds are more refined and detailed. I bought the CM10GBs and am happy but would trade you even up for the 803D