B&W 803 vs Byston Model T

Has anyone had a chance to audition these models? I have been enjoying my 803Ns for about 15 years with my Bryston components.  I am wondering how the new Bryston Model Ts compare to the 803 speakers, either the 803Ds or 803D2s.  The 803D3s are way too expensive for me. I appreciate any feedback as I am considering upgrading my speakers and these are the two brands I am familiar with.
tie breaker , What specifically do you like about your b&w speakers ?
The sound quality, clarity and accuracy of instruments, tight bass, and sound stage.
Sounds like you would also like the Bryston .Another accurate speaker . You would know the synergy is there with the your gear .
I have heard bryston model t as I helped my friend set his up... It's ok.