B&W 803's/cm9's with b.a.t.

hello again. question: anyone here running b&w 803's or cm9's with bat amp and pre-amp. i currently own bat amp and pre amp, using them with focal profile 918 speakers. wondering if bat and b&w is a good marraige. my room size is 14'x11', employing a 9' triangle (speakers to ears, and between speakers). are the 803's too overwhelming for that size room? i really liked the b&w's, thinking of moving the focals to the tv room. thanks for the input. gil.
You don't mention specifically what bat gear you have but B&W is usually a terrible match for tube amps (assuming that's what you've got). Ralph at Atma Sphere (all tube stuff) claims it is one of a handful of incompatible speakers for his equipment. For grins I once hooked a pair of 804's up to an Audio Research amp and the sound that came out was not good. I can still hear it in my head. However with a SS amp and tube pre you could be in business.