B&W 803 B&W 804 optimium room size

Can soneone experienced with both B&W 803s & 804s please advise me as to the optimium room size and amp wattage for each.
Both would fit in similar sized rooms -- IMO, the 803's are a far superior speaker to the 804's. I heard the N803's with a Plinius
SA250 Mark IV and they sounded great.
I think the greater question may be how much power you have; I can't speak for the 804's, but the 803's need a good amount of power.

There have been many posts discussing the 804 vs. the 803, some will claim the 804 is close, then others, like above, find a vast difference, I suspect this difference is in giving the 803's enough power to really shine.

I have heard the 803's recommended with the Plinius 250 numerous times; I have had the 803's with the Rowland Concentra II and this sounded very good and I have heard them with bridged Bel Canto's, briefly, this is something like 350w a side I believe, and this sounded very good.

Furthermore, I speculate that the first post is accurate that both may work fine in comparable rooms, the 803's may have a bit of an edge in filling a bigger room.

Just my *thoughts*.