B&W 802s111 tweeter repair?

IT seems one tweeter is cutting in and out on one of my speakers.Anyone had this problem?Ideas?
I had to replace one of the tweeters in my N802. It was not a big deal. Only took 5 min and no tools. Mine were under warranty and B&W provided the new tweeter with no questions asked. Very Professional. If you have to buy the tweeter I think it is around $150. All that being said my tweeter was not cutting in and out it was buzzing.
Thanks for your response Sbnx.This tweeter is cutting in and out.Horns ie,trumpets ,sax,seems to bring it on.
Switch out tweeters in your speakers and see if the problem follows the tweeter. If it does not, it's probably the crossover and it will need to be repaired or replaced. If the problem does follow the tweeter, then get a replacement tweeter.

Or try switching your speaker cable to your amp. before taking out the tweeters.
If you remove the midrange driver you will be able to see the cable going to the tweeter. On the cable there is a small plug allowing easy replacing of the tweeter unit. It could be that the plug is corroded or dirty. Try cleaning the plug with alcohol and see if this will not remove the problem..

If you need parts contact Equity International 978-664-2712 & ask for the service department. They are the distributors for B&W,Rotel & Classe' & nice people to deal with.
You don't have to take the midrange driver out to replace the tweeter. The tweeter grill will "twist" off. Then if you gently push the aluminum loading tube from the back the tweeter will just fall out. You can unhook the connections (noting which color is + and which is -), Reconnect the new tweeter and put (twist) the grill back on. It is that simple. The problem with taking the midrange out is that you need some special tools.

Hope this helps.

We are not talking about the Nautilus range - but the matrix range. No tools needed (except for a phillips screwdriver - and you can not remove them the way you described..)
Aarsoe is correct. I have a dented tweeter grill on my 802 matrix 111s that I'm reluctant to replace because the mid range speaker needs to be removed in order to remove the tweeter grill. One of these days I'll get up the nerve but I sure hate taking a chance on damaging the mid range just to replace the tweeter grill.

Actually, you can remove the tweeter grille without taking the midrange out. Its kind of a snap on device, so you will need to twist it with a moderate amount of force, but not something that should damage the tweeter in any way.
Then putting the new grille in place is easy.
Of course, removing the midrange is the best way to do it, but as I said, you can also manage without.

PS: Removing the midrange is pretty straight forward, so I would not be to worried of I was you..
Just a little update on this problem.It was not my speakers. Seems it's an amplifier problem. Thanks to all for input.B.K.