B W 802N versus 801M

Anyone out there given these two speakers a run for their money? I have a set of 801III and am going to the 802N.
Step up, down, or lateral?

Using California Audio Labs CL-2500 (500x5) amplifier fo power.

Your input is appreciated.

Step up in cost not necessary in sound quality. Money would be better spent by upgrading your cross over. Try NorthCreek and you'll be getting closer to your 801 S3 potential. Put side by side a 801 S3 with better crossover against 802N, you'll be surprised.
Thanks for the response. I have the 801II upgraded to III AND THE NORTHCREEK external crossovers. I have a chance to go to the 802 Nautilus. Was wondering what I will find better about the difference?

What is your experience?
I also have 801's with the North Creek x-o's and I regularly listen to N-802's. I still prefer the deep bass response in the 801M, but the new Nautilus "head" does reveal more depth and detail. The North Creeks elevate the "old" Matrix series to a level of resolution close to Nautilus, so spend the money on upgrading any weaker links in your system before you consider the investment. Also, be sure you're happy with the different type of bass response.
I also have 801 III w/North Creeks and auditioned the 801N and 802N. I still prefer the Matrix in that I think they are more "lively" and have the "snap" I seem to loose with the Nautilus. I think the Nautilus are more controled for sure, but maybe not for their own good. This would definately depend on your system and your expectations of it. If you have to have the Nautilus go for it, but if it isn't broke don't fix it.
I was always wanting to know what the Krell bass alignment filters would do for the matrix?
Thanks for the response. I am running the Cal amp, a McIntosh MX-132 preamp and the McIntosh DVD. I notice the M801's need more power than I have, odd, but true.

So as I expect, I lose a bit on the bottom end, but gain in the clarity of the mid/high frequency of the Nautilus line.
I love the M801's, but was hoping for a bit cleaner sound at HIGH levels.

If you want better resolution, cleaner highs, better bass, you must upgrade your front end before you worry about the speakers.
Upgrade my front end? What is the recommendations?

I think Audio Magazine did a review of the 802N in Feb '99. And I also think they compared the 802N to the 801 Matrix. You might want to see if you can track down a re-print from a local B&W dealer or better yet take a pair home and audition them yourself. :-) Good luck. - Dan
A couple of things you can do to improve the 801M beyond the North Creek cross-over.
1, the internal wire - find some good quality 9Ns (8Ns at least) wire and connected it from your cross-over to the speaker elements. Make sure you, do it very carefully, use good quality solder to weld it directly to the tweeters, mid-range and your base speakers.
2, put a round wooden pole, 1 to 1.5 inch in diameter, to the side of your tweeter. This is to reduce cancellation, which is to avoid the frequency to do a wrap around. Similiar to the effect currently used by the new 801N series.

There are a few more tweaker's idea, however, I won't go into more details. Try these out and if it works and if you like more, email me, I'll reply.

By the way, most of these ideas are from an editor of a major Southeast Asia magazine who published the article in the magazine a while ago.

Have fun tweaking.