B&W 802N's ???amplification???

Looking to drive my B&W 802N's....whats everyone using out there and how much power do i really need? thx
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I started off with a Classe CA300 which created a huge soundstage with solid bottom end wallop, a bit lean in the mid-bass and depeneding on source material some unpleasant bite in the lower treble. It sounded best on Enya type music or Patricia Barber but on 60's type jazz which is my favorite material the soundstage was actually too large plus that sometimes nasty treble bite. I also have tried Classe DR8's either bridged or vertical bi-amped. They don't have the bottom end wallop of the CA300 but they do sound a bit more intimate and not as bright through the whole treble range but overall would rate as competent but not an excellent match. I also tried my Cary SLI50 which sounded very good but way short on power if you want to listen at 90db+ average levels. I am now using a VAC PA 100 which sounds awesome for the most of the music I listen too in particular the 60's jazz recordings. I can easily average 90db+ levels and have seen peaks of 106db at my listening seat 11 ft away so it will play loud with a nice round tuneful bass and no treble bite and still good but not exceptionable air on top. My normal listening levels are 80 db average. The only thing I sometimes miss is the CA300's bottom wallop, otherwise the VAC is clearly superior to the others. Also since I live in the desert, heat is the enemy and the VAC runs cool, makes no more heat than the solid state amps. There are lots of choices so I hope this helps.
Although I don't own either the speakers nor the amp I can advise that when I did hear the 802N coupled to a Sim Audio W-5 I was very impressed. Preamp was the Sim P-5 just FYI.
I found there was plenty of good tight bass and the mids/highs were smooth but detailed. While I have always found the B&W line-up somewhat lean in nature the Sim gear seemed to bring a sense of warmth to the 802N. But hey, it was my ears and not my system.
Again, I would recommend the W-5/P-5 combo. Also a big fan of the plinius SA-100 or SA-102, if you need a ton of power than the SA-250. Also I enjoy my Musical Fidelity M3 integrated and highly recommend that is well if you can find one. I feel like it is a good mix between a sweet solid state like a Plinius and something as lush as tubes. Good luck finding an amp, you got some great speakers to play with.
It depends on the amp you go with. For example, a Mark Levinson 334 at 125 watts will out perform a Bryston 4B with 250. You will need a minimum of 125 watts. By the way, Mark Levinson amps sound especially nice with the N802.