B&W 802D vs Vandersteen 5 used

I am looking to upgrade my system. One consideration (among many) is upgrading the speakers. B&W 802D's go used for $8k and up. Vandersteen 5 go for $5k up. This is obviously not the new Vandersteen 5A.

I would be powering the front speakers with a McCormack DNA225 upgraded to the platinum version. The processor is an Anthem D2 (with ARC the room correction). The digital are McCormack UDP1 Deluxe and Denon 3800 Bluray.

I enjoy detail, voicing, seperation, and want that elusive "musical" feel without being dark or blurred. I also do not want bright and harsh. We listen to a very wide variety of music from Rock, Blues, Jazz, etc. so we need versitality. We also watch a lot of music DVD's.

The speakers will be in a long room that goes from a family room to the kitchen, and proper placement is difficult, but I will do my best. Right now the surrounds and additional speakers are B&W Nautilus series, but can be changed. Since placement is limited due to cabinets and furniture (distance from the walls) I thought that maybe the Vandersteen 5 engineering dynamics would be more flexible as opposed to the 3 series which I have been told need a lot of space. Maybe I am wrong though.

What are your feelings on comparing these speakers? As stated in other threads I understand B&W are controversial, but the 802D seem to be one of their better efforts.

Thank you for any advice.
Both are fine speakers the B&Ws are more dynamic. Both have challenges in regards to placement. B&W have a tricky first reflecion and Vandersteen can be a little on the dry side if you have them too far apart.
That was very interesting, please explain more on the B&W tricky first reflection comment. That could be a problem I am having with my current B&W 804 Nautilus.

As to the comparisons, I do like a dynamic speaker, and a dry speaker is not what I wish to have. On the speaker placement issues, they can not be placed too far apart, I doubt they could be more than 7 feet to 8 feet apart, after that couches are in the way. It is also difficult to be more that 1 1/2 to 2 + feet from the back wall. They are also close to cabinets on one of each of their sides and in the back of them there is more room, but a fireplace with a closed glass door. Not exactly optimum.

The built in cabinets are beutiful but not beneficial for speasker placement.
I might consider a real nice pair of the B&W 801 series 3 Matrix...You won't have the dryness issues and have plenty of money left over for gear for your system..Many people prefer ( not saying they are better ) the older sweeter Matrix line of B&W's ...Newer isn't always better..Just offering another option......Good luck with your decision.......
Has anyone compared the Vandersteens versus the B&W 802D's?
The 802D is a fantastic speaker if you have a big enough room for them. If not, there are better choices. If you are not 16 x 17 or so minimum, then I would say pass on the 802D. They really need room to breathe to open up
It is a big room. It is 13' wide, 36' long, and 8' high. The system is in one end with a family room with built in cabinets (with equipment in them). The speakers are almost 2' away from the back wall, but only 6' apart and toed in slightly to listener position. The speakers are next to but in front of each cabinet on either side so there may not be as much free space as desired there.
If that size does not work what would the better choices be?
Hi, I have both the Vandersteen 5A and the 802 and they are really not in the same league. The Vandersteen 5A in so much clearer in definition and more transparent with perfect sound. Jay Stambler
Stambler, thanks. Can you compare the 802D to the Vandersteen 5 (not 5a)? I realize there is a large difference in price, but you never know in this hobby.