B&W 802d - Power, Help/ Opinion please

I have B&W 802D, i need better amps, Im going second hand. I am as of right now tossing up between Bryston 7b ST's ($3800 for pair year 2000ish or a Mark Levinson 432 (5.5K) Please do advise as I have no idea i haven't seen or heard either.
By all means pros & cons for the prices listed. what do you think. cheers.
There's a high end store here in town that carries both the Levinson gear and B&W speakers. I've heard the B&W 800D and 802D speakers run with Levinson gear quite a few times. I don't know if I actually ever heard it with the 432, but the B&Ws always sounded good to me with the Levinson gear. The 432 is 400/800 watts into 8/4 ohms, so that should be plenty. I ran my B&W Silver Signatures with a 50 watt Krell KSA-50S for years.

I've never heard the Bryston amps, so I can't be of any help here.

while I can't speak to the Levinson component I would advise (having owned a variety of Bryston amps) I would not go for the "ST" version. If you are looking in the $5K range then look at the "SST2" version as they will be a better match with the B&W speakers. The "ST" models are 2 versions older than the current "SST2" model designation.

An alternate choice would be higher powered Classe amps.
Have you considered Classe'?
Thanks for the opinions, i have considered Classe but its availability in Australia as extremely limited, i think i would also balk at the price of a pair of Classe pwr amps. By all means if you know where i can find some cheap let me know.
I had best also add that my source is a PC so i have access to a very in depth EQ to fill any gaps in a various range of amplifiers.
Initially i steered away from gear with Digital control and LCD screens etc because i intend on keeping this gear for years and repairing digital components is impossible as opposed to varistors and pots for tone controls etc.

I am open to any suggestions and i would appreciate any opinions of any type even if you having a go at me or something I have said. Its the only way im going to be able to extract expertise gained from the wealth of experience here.

Many Thanks - Scott
I would look at Pass Labs before Levinson.
Pass labs was suggested to me, i don't know anything about them. What do you like about PLabs?
IMO your on the right track,first time ive actually heard suggestions of amps that would help in what your speakers lack.Detail and speed come to mind.I would never match Mac,Classe or similiar amps as again IMO it just makes a bad thing worse.Although I havent heard the Pass with the 802ds in quite awhile I would go that direction along with maybe the Levinson.Amps that have speed,detail,better imaging etc..just my opinion.
opinions are what Im after. thanks