B&W 802D + Pass Labs X350.5 a good match?

Hi, I was wondering what members thought about the 802d + pass labs X305.5 amp? I like the clarity and air of the 802D but would like to add some warmth and emotion. I have read that the previous .0 version of pass labs amps were a bit lean and on the cool side, something I definitely do not think is a good match with B&W. Thanks in advance.
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Tbooe, someone who owns B&W 802D's just was at my house to listen to my system. He was enthralled with the overall sound and is quite excited to audition a Pass Labs X-350.5 in his own system, because he found the overall sonic signature to be more musical with liquidity, normally found in tube amps not solid state amps, compared with his present electronics.

Yes, the first generation X series were quite dynamic, quick, and detailed but were somewhat "cool" in their overall presentation. The .5 series retains all the virtues of the original X series but adds this wonderful "liquidity/ musicality" to its overall sonics.

So, I would recommend you put the 350.5 on your audition list, if this is what you are looking for to drive the 802D's.
Try Classe mono amps, CAM-400 or the older CAM-350, with B&W N802D. B&W speakers and Classe amps are great match so much so that the owner of B&W bought Classe.

Having owned the original N802 and original X350, I can say that the synergy was tremendous. Eventually moved to the X600s and elevated the fun that much more.

Given the "house sound" plus significant improvements of the new N802D and X350.5, it should be a match made in heaven. Don't disregard the role of your cables in the synergy equation.
Another benefit to consider if you buy Classe CAM-400 or CAM-350 monos. They are around 80 lb each. Very manageble weight.
Tnanks everyone. Right now, Pass Labs, Classe, and Ayre are on my shortlist of amps to consider. For the Classe owners out there, would you say the Classe amps have a slightl warmer, musical sound?

What about the Classe (CP 500) and Pass Labs (X1) preamps? Are they on the warm side of neutral? Are they a good fit for the 802D?

Thanks again.
The Pass would be a good overall choice and so would the Plinius SA-102.

Happy Listening.
Yes, I have heard great things about Plinius. My only issue is availability in my area. Not many dealers carry Plinius which makes we a little worried if I ever need support.
I have used the Classe CA2200 with the 802D's and was disappointed. (I have questioned for some time if there was an issue with that amp due to certain circumstances.) I really liked the CA2200 and CP500 with Signature 805's but it just wasn't getting it done with the 802D's. Therefore, if you consider Classe I would suggest the monos stated above. This was a bummer because I liked the Classe gear a lot.

I can't comment on the match with Pass but if you can try it, I would.

There are many people happy with McIntosh (especially newer Mac) and B&W, me included, something to consider.

i thought that 802Ds need a lot of power? how do you find the mac powers the 802ds?
Your thoughts were my thoughts too.

I can run the MA2275 out of steam if I push it hard enough, that said its overall performance is wonderful. I was using the Musical Fidelity kW500 when I switched to the Mac; there is no doubt that the kW never ran out of steam, but sonically I prefer the Mac, easily.

In general, B&W does like a lot of power, but I have found this pairing to work nicely for me. That said, if you prefer more power I recommend considering Mac's SS amps along with the others you are considering.