B&W 802D Floor Spikes??

Love my 802D's but did not get the floor spikes for them yet. Wondering what difference they make in overall performance??
Thanks Jppenn! I called my dealer and left a message
about this. I told them I called B&W, and they said "yes"
I was eligible for spikes, but I did not know what they meant by that, but now I think I do! :o)

Thanks again!

So do they cost extra money or not? I was told today that they cost $200 for EACH speaker! Which means $400 for both! What are they made of? Diamond?
They are free with your purchase. All you have to do is ask your dealer. I had the 800d's and they tighten up the bottom end and made the speaker sound more solid. tough to move around in and you need to be on carpet and/or a concrete floor. A definite for any 800d or 802d useres. just make the call.