B&W 802D Floor Spikes??

Love my 802D's but did not get the floor spikes for them yet. Wondering what difference they make in overall performance??

Better imaging, cleaner overall sound, tighter bass.

Try them and see for yourself.
The reason I was asking is they are an expensive option
for the 802, and I know what spikes do in general, but wanted
to know what they bring to the 802 in particular. I'm sure it's the same standard things, but wanted to see if it was
worth the extra $$. I normally do not use spikes because they never penetrate my thing carpet, but the monster 802's will so!?
When I bought the B&W 802 d's from my dealer I asked him why I didn't get the spikes with the speakers? He said that it was a B&W policy to have the dealer order them for the buyer "after the purchase". So, to sum it up, I asked him to order them from B&W and I got them in about a week...no charge!!
Thanks Jppenn! I called my dealer and left a message
about this. I told them I called B&W, and they said "yes"
I was eligible for spikes, but I did not know what they meant by that, but now I think I do! :o)

Thanks again!

So do they cost extra money or not? I was told today that they cost $200 for EACH speaker! Which means $400 for both! What are they made of? Diamond?
They are free with your purchase. All you have to do is ask your dealer. I had the 800d's and they tighten up the bottom end and made the speaker sound more solid. tough to move around in and you need to be on carpet and/or a concrete floor. A definite for any 800d or 802d useres. just make the call.