B&W 802D

I have a pair of B&W 802D's.  The woofers keep blowing out.  I drive them with a pair of Mark Levinson No 436.
Anyone else out there have this problem?  I have found the reliability of these speakers to be lacking
Interestingly I have just purchased a used pair of B&W 802D speakers to replace my N801 speakers. Playing them at very high SPL (greater than 100 dB), with a Krell TAS amp, has not caused any issues. I believe they are a very robust speaker, maybe there is an issue with you amp? How many woofers have you blown?
I have B&W 803 N.   First generation. Not diamonds I purchased in 2002 new
i have been using them with Krell 450 MCX mono blocks.  And to my surprise no problems.   I mostly listen to med levels but plenty of loud sessions
17 years of same set up and still the speakers sound good for what they  are and do


If from an LP, you need to invoke a subsonic filter.
Otherwise, use a multimeter, and measure the DC output. Should be nearly zero.
I have blown 3 woofers, in different channels, with different amps.  Originally was driving 802D's with a Krell, 125W/channel.  Upgraded to the ML's to try and solve this problem.  No luck.
I had B&W 802D's, and they were some of the most reliable speakers I ever owned.
Can we get a precise description of what happened?  Blown woofer isn’t enough information.  
First, what happened sonically, and under what listening conditions?
Was the failure a melted voice coil, torn surround, damaged cone, etc? 
I wouldn’t think it possible to destroy woofers in that speaker during any normal usage.

Don't blame B&W,  you obviously need bigger drivers with a higher power rating. I have 800 Diamonds and even peaking 1000W on bass heavy program, woofers are fine.