B&W 802 vs Thiel 2.3

I'm considering either used Thiel 2.3's or B&W 802's (series 2.) My electronics are a Rowland Coherence preamp with an Edge amp and I use a Vandersteen powered sub. Taste in music ranges from Chopin to Korn. I know there are lots of other good choices out there (which I'm exploring), but I'm narrowing down and would appreciate opinions only on these two. Thanks in advance.
the 802 series 2 or 3 are superb.
At this level it's just a matter of taste. You have nice gear that should work well in both cases. For me the Thiels are an easy winner, but, you may feel differently.
B&W ( Matrix series ) are warmer and more forgiving ..Which ever floats your boat..I owned 802/3 and 801/2 matrix..Both 801/2 ( or 3 ) and 802/3 are exceptional speakers..Actually I think they are the best speakers B&W ever produced... You check the feedback on all B&W loudspeakers and you will find the the Matrix series has the highest rating of all there speakers....For me B&W is the easy choice.....
Thanks for the feedback. Unsound, I'm curious as to why you prefer the Thiels. Soundstaging, transparency differences, etc?
Panheadrt, I'm not a fan of the B&W sound, I find them to be a bit "chalky". I will say that on one occasion, some time ago I heard a earlier version of the 802's driven by big hybrid counterpoint amp in a very large room sound simply grand and glorious. I'm don't think I ever heard a recorded big choir sound better. But the amps got too hot fairly quick and the system had to be shut down. Never heard B&W's sound that way again. I love the coherent, all drivers sounding as if "cut from the same cloth" sound of the Thiels. Perhaps its the time and phase correct 1st order crossover/stagered driver approach. While other manufactures that use this same approach may offer a different sound, they all seem to provide this same quality. A quality, that is particularly attractive to me for some reason. Not quite, but close to some of the better single driver speakers without the inherent compromises those speakers tend to have. While the Thiels may not be the very best in any one specific area, they tend to be amongst the best in all areas. This is especially true as you go up the line to thier bigger products. The only real weakness of the Thiels is that they can be unforgiving, being extemely demanding of appropriate gear and they will reveal a lack of quality even in gear that is otherwise technically up to the task. I typicaly find imported speakers to be a poor value compared to the domestic speakers. Of course, the Chinese may change all that. One other thought to consider is manufacturer support, Thiel's reputation might be the best in all of audio. I'd imagine that dealing with a manufacturer across the pond might be a bit more challanging. Thiel certainly has their detractors, so does B&W. Again, it's a personal decison as to which products pros and cons seem to align with your tastes.