B&W 802 seriesIII-effect of Northcreek cross overs

my 802's are a pleasant part of my life[audio&non-audio]. i'm not competent do re-do the cross-overs myself and the right side of my brain can't imagine spending $1600+ to upgrade 10 year old speakers w/ drivers from two generations ago. the left side of my brain
loves the sound, but also yearns for greater neutrality and greater sound staging detail.
ARE THERE alternatives to the northcreeks or good solid
modifications that qualified folks could perform on my 802's
cross/overs or other worthwhile tweaks???????or must i really look for replacements?
sony777es-kimber select silv/copper rca to xlr-passx2-harmonic techpro-silII xlr
pass aleph1.2-an assortment of speakercables-to b&w802serIII
love acoustic jazz, chamber to large scale classical and i must have my rockn' roll & r&b---really the full range of music. not open to spending over $4000. on speakers
suggestions??????? i'm in miami, fl 33133 usa
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Yo Bob, It isn't that hard to find used Nautilus 802's in that price range. There was a pair listed on the 'gon for $4250 recently. Even modified Matrix 802's with Northcreek crossovers won't get within a country mile of the new Nautilus 802's.