B&W 802 Series 80 Speaker ID Help

Hello again
I've got some pics of the speakers I'm going to go look at/hear soon, and the pics say 'Series 80' and 'Model 802' under that.
Are these Matrix 802 Series 1 (in the Blue Book also) or are they 'plain' 802's (in the BB) ?
I called a dealer, and he said they're old and he -thinks- or is pretty sure they are the Matrix.
But I'm thinking they are the 802, plain, no Matrix...
What do you think ?
I have a couple jpg's if you're so inclined...
This is a little on the peripheral but I have a pair of B&W 801F's, which were also sold with very little change as 801 Series 80. They are NOT Matrix but a previous model. I wouldn't recognize the 802's on sight from that vintage but others might.
In any case, I seriously doubt your prospective speaker is a Matrix model.
Agreed, turns out they are Series 80 802's, before the Matrix if I'm interpreting what I read somewhat correctly. Thx for the help. I have not gone to hear them as of yet.