B&W 802 S3 vs. Nautilus 803 or 804's

Trying to decide if I want to make a change....I am leaning at staying with B&W eventhough I have looked at a few others. I utilize a Krell HTS 7.1 with Krell KAV amps. I am utilizing a CAL c10 for music.

HT is great...no complaints. Music is very good..system has great detail without being bright, a good soundstage and more than adequate bass, but there always seems to be a bit too much dampening (like a thin sheet over the speakers).

I have listened to the Nautilus 804 speakers in the showroom (with a very similar set-up to mine) and they seem more lively without giving up anything. I didn't find them bright in any way, but how will they sound once I get home? I thought of checking out the 803's, but I am in a relatively small room & don't want to have issues with too much bass. Any thoughts?

I have also taken a look at monitor audio gold 60's and a pair of the Kef reference speakers. Unfortunately, all at differenet places have set-ups that I am not familar with. The monitor audio 60's were nice, but just didn't seem real engaging. The Kefs sounded great...with a good soundtage, bass and clarity. They just sound a bit different than the B&Ws (not sure how to explain). Not really sure they are worth the higher cost than the N804's, however. Any experience with these?

thank you, macct
In the "for what it's worth" department, here are my views. From 1989 to 1994 I owned a pair of M802S2's; in 1995 I went to Matrix 800's, and in 2002 I went to Signature 800's. The Signature 800 is the flagship of the Nautilus line.

I believe that with N803's, and probably N804's, you'll find a huge improvement in musicality over the Matrix speakers--which themselves were no slouches. As the N804 is a floor-standing N805, I'd go with the N803 if you can. I'm a big fan of B&W, and I feel that, without a doubt, the Nautilus line are the best speakers B&W has ever made.
I agree the M802S3 is a nice speaker. You can find nice pairs for well under $2000, which is a bargain.

For the Nautilus line I would either get the N805 with some excellent stands like the Sound Anchors; or jump all the way up to the N803.

I've always liked B&W, but the N804 is the exception when I consider how much it cost. I have the impression (right or wrong) that they made the N804 to fill a gap in the product price line. They just scaled down a N803 and used the smaller drivers from the N805 and CDM9NT. It was not designed from scratch to be a speaker that size. I played around with a pair of N804 for months and could never get them to be as musical as other speakers I own and have available to me, that list for as low as half of the N804 price. The N804 is a good speaker, but a good $3500 speaker? In build quality maybe...but musically?
Sugarbrie, what $1,800 speaker do you like better than N804? I have found speakers I like better but they start at $4,800.