B&W 802 S3 losing snare drum snap

without changing anything to my system, my speakers have lost their mid range snap. very noticable on snare drum fequency. everything else is crisp. fearing loss of hearing, i invited a couple a friends over that know my systems sound, and they noticed it too. has anyone else cured this problem. i isolated all componets and cables. no help.
Have you changed or added any furniture or curtains rugs or any soft material into listening are??? Are you using tubes? old tube?
Maybe the drivers have loosened in the cabinet ? You could test the tightness of the bolts/screws holding the drivers. This is just a guess as I am unfamiliar with your speakers, but I have known this to happen on other models.
Without knowing your system this is a near impossible diagnosis. If you have a tube based system, one of the first signs of a retube are a loss of dynamics. So if you have any tubed electronics I would try retubing unit(s). Also, I would check ports to see if there are any obstructions to ports if your speakers are ported. Also check phase on your speaker terminals. If any of your components invert phase that could change the dynamics of the speakers. Alas, you may have a voltage problem out of the socket so these are a few things off the top of my head that may cause problems.
I haven't had any changes in the listening room. I'm a rock-n-roll guy so I have Adcom 565's (and I bought tried a different pair), Audioquest Cheetah cables, and Pioneer Elite DV-37. I know its old and non my equipment is great, but it really use to recreate drums well. I tried a friends preamp and cables-no help. I tried a different power source, inspected my systems for loose connections and etc. My buddy is going to bring over his cd player to try, but I'm starting to wonder is if could be my crossovers, even though both speakers sound muffeled only in the snare drum freqency.

I have owned some adcom amps before. You may want to pop the cover and check the fuses on the outputs. There should be some fuses on each of the ouput transistor boards. Use a meter and check for continuity across the fuse. As best as I can remember these fuses blow if you really crank your system and can result in the symptoms you describe.

Hope this helps,

I got it. It was my DVD player. Who would have guessed. Thx for the help.