B&W 802's tweeter dented invert

Hi all,

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My friend's B&W 802's tweeter accidently dented invert by a kid. I would like to know if that is okay in term of sound, and have anyone has this accident before? If you do, what did you do to fix it?

The sound we listen currently okay - can't find any problem yet but in a long run and we are not sured.

thanks for the help!
It happened to mine, I had to replace it. It will eventually sound very harsh.
here is a similar thread


hope it helps
You can use some tape very carefully applying it and pulling the dome back into position if it is not creased that badly. It happened to me during a move but is still sounding perfect even though I have a new replacement for it and just haven't found the need to tinker with it yet.
Isn't there an old thread where someone sucked it out with their mouth, or with a vacuum cleaner?
Use masking tape and take the dome back slowly. Hope this help.