B&W 802 N with Wyred4sound 1000 STI

I will soon be able to obtain a pair of B&W 802N loudspeakers for my 2 channel system. Has anyone heard them with a W4S amp? Any other amplifier/pre amp suggestions?
bump, 'cause I'm also very interested in this combo.
This a'goner seems to like the B&W N802s with the W4S ST-500 quite a bit:

I'm also using 802D's with W4S amps. I have the multi amp chassis and have the 802D's bi-amped, with a 250W amp for the highs and a 500W amp for the bottom end. They built 250W amps with a high pass filter to keep the mids and highs clean.

The 802D's like an amp that is a high current source and these really do the job. The power never clips at any level.

Also, I preferred a tube preamp with it... an ARC LS-26. Good luck with your system!