B&W 802 Matrix Series 3 tweeter replacement help?

I blew a tweeter from some high frequency feedback. -That is, I guess the tweeter is blown ; are there fuses in line with the tweeters by any chance? If not, can anyone recommend where to get a new tweeter and whether or not I can replace it myself? If so, if you could tell me the basics about getting the old one out, that would be greatly appreciated. Bought these in 1994 and have really loved them since. Thanks very much, oats
I would think your first stop ( phone call ) would be B&W .............
I fixed a blown tweeter in a Matrix 801. B&W will sell you a diaphragm for about $40 or if you send them the tweeter housing, they will replace it for something like $100.

B&W 800-370-3740 (ask for parts, you will probably have to leave a message)

If you are mechanically inclined and good with a soldering iron, you can replace the diaphragm yourself. Take out the midrange driver and access the tweeter and remove it and take it apart. It is a little tricky but not that bad if you know what you are doing.

If you don't know how or are not experienced with soldering, send it to B&W.

The Nautilus is much easier to replace as you purchase a whole unit and just unplug the old one and plug in teh new one. The down side is that you pay $190 and only really needed a $40 part. The Diamond is about $1200 so I guess you can't complain.
My experience with B&W is that they have great support. I blew my tweeter on my 802 years after the guarantee was up, and they just sent me another.