B&W 802 Matrix Series 3 - For Rock

I am considering a set of 802 Matrix series 3. I listen primarily to classic rock & acoustic music. Can these speakers play rock?
They can do it all. A classic all round performer.
I have had a pair of these for several years now and am very pleased. You need a lot of power to get the best performance from these. I have a classe 5 channel 250 watts per channel operating mine. I am using 2 channels per speaker.I am running 250 watts to the woofers and 250 watts to the high end. Total 500 watts per speaker.The quality of the sound only gets better when you add more power.I play rock, acoustic material,and surround sound through these. You get good bang for the buck with these.
I owned a pair in the late 90's and really enjoyed them. I second Fuqua's advice - they open up with - and need - a good amount of power. I had them in a large room paired with an McIntosh MC300 I had at the time. They did a good job playing music loud, including rock.
can they rock
hell yes