B&W 802 & B&W 803 Nautilus

Hi Everyone! I'm about to start looking for a used Nautilus B&W 802 or 803 and I have a question about the Amp. I couldn't afford the kind of Amps usually paired with these speakers unless I wait a few more years : ) I'm currently using an ONKYO Integra M504 to power my DM604 S3 and DM601 S2. I'm thinking about buying a second M504 Amp. so each M504 would power each B&W 802. Based on what I heard, B&W 802 are very power hungry and wasn't sure whether my setup would work.

Also, can you please advise me a thread to B&W 802 models because I'm not sure what I read is right or wrong. Are they made in the following Chronological order 802N, 802S & 802D ? Any information on used prices for both 802 and 803 would be very helpful as well. Thanks!
Previous models to the current Diamond series were 803S, 803D, and 802D. Then prior to those were N803 and N802. There was never a model with the number 802S. Take a look here,


Keep in mind that the listed retail price is each, so X2 for a pair.

Also, here is a good read about bi-amping,


Hope this helps.
I previously paired the 803D with a pair of Marantz SM17 bi-amped. The 60W per channel SM17 worked surprisingly well. The Onkyo M504 will work fine as long you like how it sounds with the B&W. Try it first with one before buying another to bi-amp. See my previous posts for my experience with B&W and bi-amping.
Also, if you can afford it, I suggest you consider the 803D rather than the 803S. The 803D is a nice tonally balanced loudspeaker with reasonable clarity but more forgiving than the latest 803Diamond.
they are terrible speakers to drive - the wild impedance swings is really a hard test for amps.

The best reasonably priced amp I have come across that will drive them with ease is the Arion S-250:

Make sure you listen to the speakers though - B&W is not everyone's cup of tea.