B W 801II vs. which Nautilus speaker?

Thanks for reading. I had posted a thread last week or so about my 801II with the NorthCreek crossovers versus the 801III. Everyone has agreed, the 801II with NorthCreeks are better than the 801III. Thanks, I had agreed. Now.....

If I want to invest into an uipgrade from my current situation, which B&W N series would be an equal, and which would be upgrades? Safe to assume the 803N is a step below or would you consider it an equal? My guess is the 802N is an equal/upgrade, whereas the 801N is the upgrade....

Your experience and or opinions are welcome! Thanks!

OH, lastly, if you have EVER experienced the Veritas 2.8's
I would be interested in your views as well.........
i ad the 801 III and "upgraded" to the 802N.....its not
a tremendous improvment....but noetheless better....clearer,
and much tighter bass if not quit as deep...this lent to a
better paced sound not as "muddied" or "sluggish" as the 801 III...now we're splitting hairs here mind you...i just felt the 802N's made me tap my feet more...more alive than
laid back...check it out...hard to make a mistake with the upper end of th B&W line....now i would have bought the 801N's but was price prohibitive for me...they were defiantly the class the "N" line....except for the original
Nautilus (that chonch shell shapped thing) good luck
I have auditioned the N803's and N802's versus the older 801's and the N802 or N801 would be the speakers for you to listen to. The 803's will sound less powerful in the bass.
The 802's are the best looking and provide the best overall balance.