B+W 801D upgrade crossover

I want to upgrade its crossover.

But the first challenge is to take it out.

Does it locate inside the bottom metal stand?

If yes, how to lift it up by myself alone?

Thank you
Hey OP!

B&W started using top grade Mundorf crossover parts by the time this speaker came around.

I really wouldn't do this unless you actually wanted to get into more advanced things, like converting it to fully active, or re-thinking some of the design decisions.

Otherwise, I strongly suggest you keep what you have, or trade it for something you like better.

Older series of B&W however, sure. :)


Why do you want to upgrade the crossover?  Is there something your are trying to fix?

thank you erik!

I just want to know if it is possible to "upgrade" the sounding!  nothing needs to be fixed.
Um, I think so, but they wouldn't sound like 801D's anymore! hahaha. :)
yes... i know the sounding will be very "different" (no guarantee it will be improved).

and i am exploring if it is possible to use active crossover in my system.

if anyone did the similar trial, please share your experience.

thank you!