B+W 801D

Well, I have been through a few speakers since I last posted here. I have never been able to hear the 801D and am looking for opinions from people who have actually heard this speaker.
Any and all input appreciated.
Great speakers!! A buddy has them in an all Mac system and they are stellar, huge bottom end and great coherency (sp?).
I use to sell the early 801s and they were good then. The new ones are even better.
I had them...fuzzy mids and lows, poor soundstage. I had to replace the tweeters a few times.
You stated "I had them...fuzzy mids and lows, poor soundstage. I had to replace the tweeters a few times."
In one thread you said you owned the 802D and didn't like them. Now you say you owned the 801D also and basically kick the crap out of it. In yet another thread you state " I have never been a fan of B+W"..
Quit the bullshit already!!! I want to hear from objective listeners not people with an axe to grind.
What would you like to know? B&W is a serious constructor...
Here are some quick pointers.
You must like the house sound, or keep away.
Very good job of mating the (hard ceramic) tweet with the next in line driver (as is NOT the case in other "ceramic spkrs");
OK sound, at its level, UNLESS you use a very powerful amp, in which case it is good sound indeed with surprising dynamics (through an FM acoustics).
Of course, the FR is covered as is to be expected, down to upper bass.
Very slightly metallic sound if the amplification is inadequate or too "sharp" sounding (example, through some large, supposedly class A, "Vincent" monos).
Not as easy to set up in the room (as say 802, etc), because of the large woof...

Am I being helpful:)?

p.s. the fuzzy sound & blown tweet described above are an accurate description of amplifier distortion aka as "clipping".
??? No ceramic tweeters ever on the 800 series.

I want to hear from objective listeners.
=I want to hear from people that agree with my purchase plan.
Kal, he's asking about the 801 "D". "D" for diamond = (hard) ceramic.
No BS I tell it like it is. To these ears, B&W is not a musical speaker. I am a professional violinist and hear real music every day. As you pointed out, I am consistent in my opinion.
The blown tweeters were not a case of poor amplification. I am using an Ayre V1xe with 200 watts a side conservative. My dealer says that tweeter replacements are not rare.
06-15-09: Maineiac

I want to hear from objective listeners.
=I want to hear from people that agree with my purchase plan.
Maineiac (System | Threads | Answers)

NO, I am asking for objective assessments NOT emotional( I've got an axe to grind) ones . I have heard speakers that have had alot of great press but they simply weren't my cup of tea. I didn't go online and tell everyone they were crap.Calling something crap which clearly shouldn't be doesn't hold much water with me.I for one was never fond of Revel but just because I don't like them I do not insinuate they are crap.They simply are not my cup of tea.Perhaps it was the setup as I am sure top flight engineers wouldn't put of a crappy flagship speaker. I want to hear the pluses and minuses about this speaker.A thoughful response holds weight in my opinion. Inevitably when anyone posts about WIlson or B+W the axe grinders come out in hoards.
This is the reason I asked for responses from people who ACTUALLY heard the 801D.
I saw on another thread the main contributer to the thread which answered probably 10 posts on how they would sound NEVER EVEN ACTUALLY HEARD THE SPEAKER!!!Incredible,

I do appreciate Gregm's response.
No BS I tell it like it is. To these ears, B&W is not a musical speaker. I am a professional violinist and hear real music every day. As you pointed out, I am consistent in my opinion.

Now I look at this post of yours and I then ask myself:

why did this guy buy not just one pair of nautilusD but a second pair (according to your post)?
If true you obviously thought they were very good indeed to buy a second pair.Perhaps you are upset with customer service or something?

No, I stand by my assessment .In my opinion this simply doesn't add up.
I am not in charge of your checkbook, or have any concern about your ears or your math. This forum is a place where people of like interests can share ideas. If you want B&W speakers, by all means buy them. Your inquiry was with anyone who was familiar with the speaker to voice their opinion. There is no need to become upset, I wish you happiness in your listening. I have also had Magnepan (excellent midrange speaker) Quads, Wilson (which I also don't like) Infinity, Acoustat, Klipschorns, and Vandersteen 5A's that I am using and loving now. I am leaving out many more as well.
I think you are the one who is upset cause you were obviously caught lying.You indicated that you owned them( the 801D).In a previous post you also claimed to have owned the 802D. In yet another post you claim to " I am not a fan of b+w".Anyone can look up your posts and clearly see what you previously stated.
So why would you buy 802D then the 801D if you think they are garbage?

I think the answer is VERY PLAIN for ALL to see.
Budt ..Take a deep breath..You should expect such posts when asking about any B&Ws.Its a love or hate speaker line just like Wilson and McIntosh electronics..Ive never owned the 801D but have heard them before in a few different setups..Personally, I dont care for them or the 802d..For me they have a slow & tubby bottom end,lacking in detail.The soundstage is very unnatural.They remind me of what I call an old man speaker,,Go take a listen & judge for yourself..If an audition is not available because of distance then I would suggest moving on to another speaker you can hear
What are some speakers which yopu feel easily trump the B+W's ? I was also strongly considering the larger tannoys but am open to suggestions.
I currently own the N801S, but I have also heard the 801D's several times and it is a better speaker than mine. I believe a large part of the difference is not with the diamond tweeter, but with the Mundorf caps in the crossover as my friends have experimented with the caps and have achieved significant gains in performance. As to those who don't like their sound well to each there own! I will say that I have owned a large number of speakers and the B&W's are up with there with the best, but they require very careful room placement to get all that they are capable of. Is this due to the very low difraction of the midrange/tweeter head? I know that they took a long time to get them to sound their best though they always sounded very good from the beginnning in my room. The virtual systems that I see them in they are almost always placed too close to the back wall which will make them sound very congested. If your room is larger than 16x21 you should have no problems getting excellent sound with proper placement and good enough electronics.
The OP rightly asks for comments from those with first-hand experience but that can come in many ways. For example, one can hear speakers in a showroom which may or may not be familiar and which may or may not be representative of the room in which they will be used. This can lead to great variances in opinion (on top of personal biases) having only a bit to do with the speaker. Another example would be from the group that has chosen the speaker for their systems but that is likely to be populated people with a similar (and predictable) opinion.

As someone who has had 800 Sigs and now 802Ds, I know that every criticism mentioned so far has some basis in fact but that, to a large degree, those observations are related to the context of room, setup and ancillary equipment. Am I telling the OP to buy the 801Ds? Nope. I am telling him that unless he hears them himself and has a large suitable room for them, he might be better off sticking with less-demanding speakers that he can assess for himself.

Thanks for your insightful input.
However,is it possible to get top shelf sound out of these with proper system matching or do they have weaknesses that simply can't be overcome? Are there better obvious choices in your opinion? ie tannoy cantebury,wilson w/p 8,vandersteen 5a etc
Budt...after that uncalled for name calling, I don't know why I should care at all, however, I am now using Vandersteen 5A's with all Ayre electronics. I have never been so pleased with a system, or have heard anything that gets as much right as the 5A's. I might add, that they (like all speakers) have to be set up properly, and even though Richard himself doesn't think so, I think that the use of better power cords can make the speaker even better, at least in my setup. I urge you to hear them at a Vandersteen dealer. My goal as a musician and an audiophile is to disseminate the joy of music.
I have heard a number of people who really seem to love those 5a's.Infact I can't really recall any real hostility towards the line. I will definitely make it a point of hearing them.
i owned the 800D's for a few yrs. for the price range, they are very good looking(wife pleasers) and very good sounding, with the right amplifacation(not boomy at all) speakers. their bottom end, again with the right amplification, is tight, strong and deep. that said they are a little bright and at times a little harsh. they are great for home theater and represent real value. for 2 channel they are a more then an adequate in their price range. they are a value speaker, not for everyone. few elitest like them. but B&W knows what they are doing and how, with limitations, to build a true real value speaker.
Budt; everyone thinks what they own is the best and that they know the most or they do the most research or have the best ear. i have owned a lot of B&W speakers, from a complete signature surround system to the 800d's. in total about 16 dif models. i sold them all on audiogon. the one thing they all had in common was quick easy sales at very good price to purchase. in the end they cost me from nothing to very little to own. to me this is another way, maybe the most important way, to judge a speaker, or any other item. had there been a speaker to move up to, i may have bought that, but i had exhausted their range so it was time to move on. notice i am not trying to push the rockport line, not because i am not happy with them, i am. they are my final purchase, i hope. i just don't believe in trying to alter, like others, to my taste. i will say you would be much better off with the 800's over the 801's. make sure you judge for yourself, in the end, ITS YOUR MONEY!
One for the main reasons I was inquiring about the 801D was that I currently have the 803D and am able to trade up at the dealer getting full value for my 803D's. Unfortunately he does stock that 801D so it would be a blind purchase.Thanks so much for your input as it is greatly appreciated.
i will say you would be much better off with the 800's over the 801's
I would agree. For one, they're easier in many ways... They're also slightly better IMO.

I have heard all of the B&W 800 series speakers, and think that the 801D is the best!
If you like the sound of your 803D, have the room and amplifier, the 801D will not dissapoint you.