B & W 801 woofer damage

I have two 801 woofers with rips in the surrounds. Can they be repaired / replaced anywhere?

Where do you live?
Well to replace them with original b&w woofers is crazy, i think in the 1990's I fryed one and the replacement was 450.00. Im sure any decent reconer would put new surrounds on for good price.
Speker repairs can be done by any competent place taht does such things.
Locally a company called Wisconsin Reconing does a superb job.
I bet you can find places near you that also do this work.
The surround can be fixed all by itself, or the cone can be replaced also.
I personally would ask the question to B&W.

Surrounds are actually easy to replace yourself. Will only cost about 30 bucks apiece. You do have to make sure to get the voice coil lined up properly. There's numerous places than can do this for you too.