B&W 801/ Triode experience

I have B&W 801 II and use an Aragon 4004 MKII amp and a Melos hybrid preamp. I have been pleased so far but thought I might try a Melos 180 watt triode tube amp. Anybody have B&W or triode experience with speakers that have 87 db sensitivity ?
Thats a nice amp the 4004II. Id think the melos will do well but not control the woofs that well. Be nice to try the 4004 on the lows and the melos mids/highs.. Might like the palladium monos with the extra power, control, with a good tube preamp.
Had the 801^2 and 801^3. Like the series 2 better the newer ^3 are much brighter to me ran them with krell ksa300S.
Now run all tubes amp, pre, cd.
I currently run a pair of 801 ser. II's(upgraded x-over)with a pair of Cary V12"R" mono's(100 watts triode/200 UL) with really excellent results.I am running almost exclusively in triode. Great dynamics, detail and quite transparent. Yes, it does not have that "SS" super tight slammimg bass, but the bass is quite detailed and musical. On very large scale pieces with lots of low bass information, it's not ideal, but on almost every thing else it's great and in most ways, so much better than all of the many SS amps I've tried so far.I am also using a CAT preamp, which is very dynamic & neutral. Jim