B&W 801 speaker stands, do they help?

Has anybody had any experince with stand for the 801. I see sound anchors has some for about $600 but I don't really want to spend that much. Do they really give you a $600 dollar improvement in sound ? Is there really a big differnce in the bass or overall sound of the speaker with stands ? I am using the supplied spikes right now.
I have owned this pair of B&W 801 series II speakers since new from 1988. I had the bass filter box and thought it muddied the bass so I got rid of it. (although it could have been the room at the time ) I have had 2 or 3 different amps since 1988 and other equipment. Any suggestions? Does anyone have stands for sale? Thanks!
I had the Arcici and thought they were to high for my taste. I really think they are more for studio applications to raise them above consoles and equipment. I have heard of some owners swearing by them and smooth out lower bass by elivating the woofer. I have an all Krell system and wanted the tweeters withing a few inches of ear height and they just didn't work out for me, so I returned them. Happy listening :-)
A friend of mine used some bricks to lift the 801's (II) a couple of inches, and he swears it's the improvement of the century. I don't know, his gear just sounds better then mine anyway. Only drawback is that it looks ugly, but since bricks are free (just don't remove them from my house please!) I guess it's worth the try.....
I have the sound anchors and they most definately isolate the speaker from the floor. I have never listed to them without the stands, but I used to own a paradigm
subwoofer that had spikes, and it would make the floor and
walls vibrate. The 801's with the sound anchors by comparison, transfer nothing to the floor.

There are a pair for sale for $250 on audiogon right now.
I would definately recommend them. They look great too!