B&W 801 Series 80 Upgrading - thoughts? Input?


I have recently become the owner of some original 801 series 80 speakers.

I was told that I could upgrade the tweeters to series 2 or 3.

my question is...has anyone here done this or heard of it being done? Will I need to also change the crossover??

Any input/guidance would be much appreciated
I personally think you would be better off selling them as is and purchasing another pair of the Series 2 or 3 801 Matrix series...Just my gut feeling..Had the 801 Matrix..Liked it very much..I am sure the change can be done but may not be worth the trouble ( and cost ) ...
if you like them...they are classics...don't do a thing
I bought this same speaker in 1981 and still own them. Last month I packed them away after >26 yrs. of blissful listening but still am considering pulling back out because of their sheer honesty and non-fatiguing nature. I wouldn't change a thing that's not broken. I don't think you will gain that much. They love gobs of clean power, and actually sound better at moderate volume. Voila!
I just read an old stereo times review which the guy was reviewing the 802D and said he had review the original 801 years earlier and it was unflappable and one of the best speakers he'd heard when given lots of clean power. I don't think I would change anything either with the speaker itself but maybe some other system upgrades will be fine. I think you have one heck of a speaker already.