B&W 801 Series 2 front end questions

I’m looking at a pair of B&W 801 s2. 

I’d like to drive them with my Audio Research DSI 200 integrated and Benchmark Dac3 

transparent cabling

The DSI should have plenty of power but am I kidding myself that it’s signal will hold up to these. Other thought would be a Parasound 51 Halo. 

Live in a mid century home and these would fit great with my decor. 

Curent system same setup with Magnepan 1.7s and Sophia 2. 

Any comments about how the B&W’s will compared with Sophia’s very welcome. 

Why own the very old B&W 801 (Matrix) Series 2 when you own the Sophia?   It is impossible to find a pair in decent cosmetic condition, let alone good working condition.  I owned the Series 2 about 10-15 years ago.  Simply dreadful sound no matter how much Class A juice I thrown at them.  I also owned Sophia before.  That B&W wouldn't even to qualify a first round comparison.

You are destined to be grossly disappointed with such old speakers that do not provide good sound to begin with.