B&W 801’s

I purchased a new set of speakers for my primary listening room and I am thinking about moving my B&W 801’s up to a spare bedroom. Any thoughts on placement in a smaller room? The room measures approx 15x15 with 8 foot ceilings. Is it at all doable? Looking for opininions.
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I think the bass is going to overpower the room.  But, there's only one way to be sure!

Those 801s likely will output way too much bass energy and overload the room. It's simply the laws of physics. I speak from experience having had floorstanders (B&W N804s) in a 10x10x8 room for many years. Finally went to stand-mounts which have made a world of difference for the better.
I had listened to the original 801s with Mark Levinson amplification in a room no larger than yours back in the day. Albeit, the ceiling was higher. This was at the store's "hi-end" room and they sounded very good. As I recall, the room was lined with bookshelves and books. The bass was not overbearing, but detailed and palpable. I'm not sure about your 8' ceiling.
Sounds like thy used a lot of diffusion. I have my Levinson 23.5 in my primary room which made the 801’s sing. I haven’t moved them up there yet but when I do, I may try acoustic treatments.