B&W 801 Matrix vs 802D?

How does current 802D compare to the Matrix 801? I can get Matrix 801 for half the price of 802D and I sure love the bigger woofer...However the newer B&W's must be more refined in every way?
if in great condition, the matrix
Love the 801/3 Matrix also...Very Musical,and pleasant all around speaker....
How do the 801 series 80 fit in? Much worse than 801 Matrix?
the 801 80's are great speakers as well, but the Matrix 801 series 2 and 3 are my favorite.
Keep your eyes open. I just got a pair of 801 matrix II's for $1200. I've put them through their paces for three weeks now and they are totally functional. They were cheap because of missing grills and one of the woofer dust caps is dented in. You might get the Matrix for way less than 1/2 of 802D's.
I have had a pair of 801 matrix s3 for years as my reference in my sound room. Every few years I bring in a different speaker to compare - the latest being the ET LFT8. Although a great sounding speaker on its own - it doesn't have the full sound coming from the 801.