B&W 801 Matrix Tweeter Grill

Hello all. Just got a pair of B&W Matrix 801 version 2 speakers. I was going to flip them but decided I like them possibly better than my old speakers. One tweeter grill  is missing and another is damaged badly but tweeters are just fine. Was googling around a bit for the grills but cannot find them although I found many other B&W models. Any one have a lead one where I could score a couple? 



I have BW 801S3 (in storage) when I bought them the woofer grill was damaged. I got hold of B+W and ordered two new one. It was in the early part of this Century when I ordered and it was not cheap. Good Luck they are outstanding speakers and well worth the hunt.

Yeah I have looked around and appears no one has these. I’m thinking now fabricate some out of a mesh I haven’t found yet. Could probably bend it around a ball the same size and make it work with some messing around. Don’t really care that much but some protection from my 7 year olds friends would be nice!