B&W 801 matrix S2 Apoc

I am new to this forum however have been ready for a few years and find the depth of knowledge here inspiring.
I have a set of 801 matrix s2 coupled to musical fidelity kw 750 amp and pre combo.
I have done the Van Alstine modification which has made a noticeable difference. I would now like to disable the APOC, I am fully aware of the possible consequences and have read a lot of the arguments for and against, I have now taken an informed decision to remove it and listen for my self. My problem is although I am reasonably adapt at most logical processes I am unable to determine w the exact components I am required to disconnect . Does any one have a diagram of what components relate to the APOC as I have scoured the various site to no avail.
My second problem is capacitor C6 on both speakers has popped twice in the last year it is a 30mf 100v, should I increase the voltage rating?

Thanks tho any one in advance who can assist

If no one is able to answer your question here, you might try audiokarma.org. I know that there are some serious modders there that have played with the crossover components (where the APOC diodes reside) on the 801's of various series.
Brad - in addition to what Elee said - you can download the service/parts manual at

bwsupport online

Select the matrix 800 series and download the service manual for the 801s2. the last few pages discuss connections and values. It may helpful to you.

good luck
check out the link below, you may find it useful.

Thanks for that I will take a look.